Monday, November 23, 2009

Sekedar Tulisan

Nah ini juga salah satu tulisan saat les dulu. Tulisannya masuk kategori gimana gitu tapi lumayan dapet nilai 72.


By: Lilih Muflihah

As human being, we can not live alone in this world. We need someone else who will be partner in some activities. But not everybody can make good relationship easily. Many causes become obstacle such as character difference, environment, condition, etc. Even some take personality course for increasing their relationship ability.

Many people do not realize, it is needed little patient especially in relationship among different people. We have to understand each other. Positive thinking bases on a good relation. Some conflicts happen because of misunderstanding and bad prejudice, for example someone who is calm, is assumed as arrogant person and doesn’t care to environment.

A kind of relationship is friendship. We also build special friendship with special people. Relationship can become spirit for everybody. Understanding each other is the key. It becomes nice experience when you meet different people and you ‘deal’ with them. You can try to be involved.

In relationship, we must be a loyal person. Friends are not only in badness but also in happiness. Sometimes some people use someone else for their own. When they still get benefit from someone or can require help, they keep the relationship but when they do not need or have someone else better, they broke it. It doesn’t mean you can not make another ship but you exist when they need or not.

Beside that, relationship needs trust. Trust is linked with positive thinking. You can not be suspicious to your friend without fact. If your friend does something wrong, you have to remind but not judge her/him. You should know, everybody can do mistake. Give your friends trust to share something even though you keep your privacy but do not be a blind trustier.

I have many friends, when I meet them directly or indirectly, I can forget my problems and get new spirits. Sometimes they help and give me solution but sometimes they are some conflicts that make me sad. In this condition requires me to be a wise person. Generally, relationship makes our world colorful and happy.

(Tulisannya gak banget ya? Klo mau komplain, silakan!)

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